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Top Frame Styles For Your Everyday Eyewear

Approximately 75% of all adults around the globe wear eyeglasses. Eyeglasses are only a necessity for most people and many people around the world do not see this as an accessory for their outfits. Many students and employees are also supposed to keep their eyewear simple to adhere to the rules set by their respective institutions or employers. But who said your everyday eyewear has to be boring? You can always opt for minimal styles and basic colours that are trendy and make your eyewear a part of your outfit as an accessory.

To help you up your style game with the eyewear you choose, we will be sharing with you the top eyewear frame styles for 2022. The best part is that you can check out these styles and more on the Hamiltano Winston website and shop for the same online.

1. Geometric Frames

Geometric is the style for 2022 and while this style is completely trending, it is a good time to make the most of it. Geometric frames do not necessarily have to be very huge or have fancy frames. Your choice of geometric glasses could be the simple square or rectangle frames or the more edgy hexagonal frames. The 2022 trends in eyewear suggest oversized frames with thick rims as this style suits every face shape and structure.

Best Geometric Frames

2. Classic Cateyes

This style catalogue and buying guide for your next eyewear frame is not only here to bring you the trends but also the classics. The timeless cat-eyes are a good option for you if you are looking for frames that accentuate your facial features and soften the harder edges and heavier curves. Cat-eyes are suitable for both men and women. These glasses with solid colour frames and bold lines make this the option to choose for your everyday formal as well as casual fits.

Best Cateyes

3. Trendy Transparent Frames

The next hit trend of the year has been transparent frames. Transparent frames are not only suitable for minimal styles but also for quirky and edgy fits. These are the glasses for you if your style changes by the day and you plan on making your eyewear a major statement piece in your look. Transparent frames can be white or have a tint of any other colour of your choice. Transparent frames are available in most shapes that you can think of.

Best Transparent Frames

4. Aviators

If there are no rules on the kind of eyewear you use, then it's time to go beyond the basics and choose some fun aviators for you. Thin-rimmed with metallic details, this type of frame is the best for formal as well casual looks. Flaunt your style with the minimal metallic frames of this classic in your everyday fits and occasional looks. Aviators are unisex too and these frames are suitable for various face shapes.

Best Aviators

5. Wayfarers

Another old-school frame in our style catalogue is the wayfarers that never go out of fashion. These glasses are the perfect blend of classic and trendy that suits even the heavier and rounder face types well and brings out your inner style better. Wayfarers can be transparent framed or have patterns or even solid colours. Not so fancy, these frames are good for school or work as well.

Best Wayfarers

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