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How To Prevent Your Glasses From Slipping Off?

Constantly pushing your glasses higher up your nose through the day? It is truly annoying when every few minutes your hand has to reach your glasses and push them back so that they are in place. It is also very weird when you are sitting in a social setting interacting with someone or really in the middle of a serious task. Your glasses slipping off your nose and falling off your face could be due to your glasses being too big for your face size or due to them being loose after a period of constant use. No matter what the reason, we have a few tips and tricks that you can use to ensure that your glasses stay in place and do not constantly slip off your nose.

Before we take a look at the simple tips and secret hacks to keep your glasses in the right place, let us see some reasons why your glasses are actually falling off your face:

  • Slim face

  • The bridge of your nose is very narrow

  • Oily skin

  • The arms of your eyewear frame rest on your ears at the wrong angle

  • The frame is too big or too heavy

To prevent your glasses from falling you can use these cool hacks or get a really good fix for the frame. Let us take a look at these tricks for your eyewear frames.

  • Frame Tightening: This is a quick and easy process that you can get done for your eyewear frames at your nearby optician or eyewear shop. This is useful for the frame if it has become loose due to long periods of use.

  • Glasses Chains: A chain is an accessory for your eyeglasses or sunglasses that is not only very functional but also quite aesthetic. Glasses chains have been used very regularly by the elderly who have the habit of forgetting their eyeglasses but lately, these chains have been in vogue and also add more to your look.

  • Stick-On Nose Pads: Rubberised nose pads are a great solution to prevent your glasses from slipping. You can either use stick-on rubber pads or choose glasses that already have rubberised nose pads.

  • Eyeshadow Primer: This is a hack that can help you in case you have no rubberised nose pads. You can apply eyeshadow primer to the bridge of your nose where the frame rests. This will add friction and prevent slipping.

How can you buy a pair of glasses and choose the frame such that it is not too big or too small for you? Referring to a size guide or a size chart can be a good option. Other than this, you must consider your face shape and structure to choose the right sunglasses frame style. You must also consider factors like the bridge of your nose to make sure your glasses are rightly suited for the same.

You can check out a wide range of eyewear frames for your everyday glasses at Hamiltano Winston. Choose from the widest range of trendy and classy frames for all face shapes and styles. Shop online and get your pair of eyewear frames and sunglasses delivered to your doorsteps.

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