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Top 5 Cateye Sunglasses

Oversized, cat-eyed sunglasses have forever been in fashion. This makes this style a classic for all and adds an element of elegance to your overall look. No matter how you plan to dress up, the right eyewear can pop up your look. Confused between classic and trendy? You can always choose to search and buy sunglasses online. If you have been out there finding the right Cateye sunglasses and you do know about the wide range of options and the different styles and types available for you. It can often get confusing when choosing a pair for yourself. Here is a quick guide on the top 5 styles in Cateye sunglasses to help you identify and choose the best option for your requirement.

Top 5 Cateye Sunglasses

Choosing the best wayfarer in India can be tough. Here are the top 5 styles and our top picks for each style to help you select eyewear to accentuate your style and protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. You can buy sunglasses online in India and find the right fit for every style.

1. Full-Rimmed Cateye Sunglasses

The classic and elegant, full-rimmed Cateye sunglasses are the first style we choose for this guide. Offering a super stable and balanced look, this style includes broad frames and multiple shapes of lenses like oval, circular, trapeziums and so on. If you have a more versatile style and choose from a variety of different fits and outfit ideas, you must be sure to have this style in your collection.

Best Full-Rimmed Cateyes

2. Half-Rimmed Cateye Sunglasses

While an equally broad browline and bridge on the sunglasses offer a balanced and strong look, sunglasses, especially Cateyes look even more stylish with half-rimmed frames. These glasses have a broad browline and a relatively lighter and thinner bridge. This style is best suited for accentuating your eye features and adding a little more detail to your look.

Best Half-Rimmed Cateyes

3. Sleek Frame Cateye Sunglasses

If you wish to keep your look more chic, then go for frames that are sleek. Style is not just about adding more but making more impact with less. Sleek frames for Cateye sunglasses are the best for a minimal look. This type of frame is well-suited for most face shapes and types and the first pick if you choose a more glamorous look.

Best Sleek Frame Cateyes

4. Oversized Cateye Sunglasses

Oversized glasses have always been in fashion and suit almost all face shapes and types. Oversized Cateyes on the other hand are much better for faces with more prominent features and angular structures. Cateyes have a winged frame and according to your face shape, you must choose an oval or circular-shaped lens for the same. These glasses will not only balance but also compliment your features and top up any look.

Best Oversized Cateyes

5. Transparent Frame Cateye Sunglasses

Clear frames are trending for almost all types of glasses including Cateye sunglasses. Transparent frames make any kind of eyewear more attention-grabbing and make your eye features pop. If making a statement with your accessories is your style, then transparent framed Cateye sunglasses should be your choice. These glasses are best suited to all outfit styles and types.

Best Transparent Frame Cateyes

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