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Best Sunglasses Styles For Ethnic Outfits

The world is a fan of Indian ethnic fits that are perfect for special occasions and everyday wear. From simple kurtis and suits to the lehengas and sarees, you can rock any event with these outfits and bring out the diva in you. Indian outfits are all about radiating your inner elegance, charm and confidence. No matter what the occasion is, you can never go wrong with a saree or a suit. Accessorising is an important part of your look and a great way to up your style game. You can go basic or over the top with your accessories for your ethnic fits. One of the best accessories for adding more to your look is a matching pair of sunglasses. Which sunglasses go best with ethnic dresses and which sunglasses should be your go-to for the perfect look? Read ahead to find out.

Retro Rectangular Frames

The best sunglass frames for sarees, rectangular frames are totally your go-to option, if you wish to balance between going stylish and going classy. Rectangular frames are very much in vogue and look great with a variety of outfits. You can choose sunglasses that are rectangular or even square with sleek rims and metallic frames. Golden frames are a great plus one with your sarees and suits. Add more depth to the look and go for dark lens tints with your rectangular frames.

Round Frames

If your style is a little more off-beat and you tend to choose accessories that would make your complete look stand out, then round-frame sunglasses are the best fit for you. While round frame glasses have been in fashion forever and are a favourite among fashionistas, accessorising your lehengas with the same is what will make the complete style edgier. You can go for studded frames, sleek rims or even broad frames when going for round glasses with your ethnic dresses.


Wayfarers are the best pair of sunglasses for any day events and you can easily pair them up with your suits, sarees and lehengas. Wish to keep your look subtle and sharp? Wayfarers should be the pair you pick on your sunglasses shopping. There is a wide range of options when it comes to wayfarers and you can choose everything from your frame size to lens tints. You can go the classic way or the trendy road when accessorising with wayfarers.


Cat-eyes frames are truly the best sunglasses for women. The most versatile pair that you can own if you keep switching styles and often wear Indian and western. Cat-eye frames are a complete reflection of your personality and you can go with them for your Indian outfits no matter what the occasion is and what your dress is. Choose from sleek and chic cat eyes or the oversized cat eyes to bring forth your best facial features.

Buying sunglasses is easier with online stores and doorstep delivery. You can check out these styles and so much more online at Hamiltano Winston and get your hands on the latest styles.

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