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Wayfarers Or Aviators- Which Style Is The Best For You?

When it comes to fashion, no matter what trends come and go, you can be sure never to go wrong with the classics. Talking about men’s fashion and especially, accessories, sunglasses play a major role in the same. Sunglasses, according to us, are highly functional and also add more to any look. When choosing sunglasses, you always have the option of going for the basics, or choosing something quirky or even making a statement. Choosing the best pair of sunglasses can get very tricky and the best option to go for then are the classics.

The classic sunglasses styles include cat-eyes, wayfarers, aviators and so on. For men, aviators and wayfarers are the two major classic sunglasses styles. You will find multiple variations of these two basic frames and also notice that the two never go out of vogue. If you are confused between a pair of wayfarers and a pair of aviators, you need to look no further. At Hamiltano Winston, you can be sure of finding not only the best styles and latest designs but also the highest-quality eyewear options online.

There are 4 major ways how you can compare these two iconic sunglasses styles and find the frame type that suits you best. In this article, we will be looking at these 4 factors in detail to help you choose better.

Face Shape And Structure: Face shape is considered one of the most important factors when you choose your sunglasses. This is because the shape of your face will help you determine the shape of glasses you need and the size you need to pick. Majorly there are 6 face shapes and wayfarers and aviators go with most of these shapes. To roughly explain how to choose between these two, we would suggest that if you have soft, round features and a circular or oval-shaped face, go for the edgy wayfarers. If you have a more sharp face, go for aviators.

Bridge Of Your Nose: Other than being a style statement, your glasses should also be extremely comfortable. Sunglasses rest on the bridge of your nose and hence it is important to take this factor into consideration. Aviators are more suitable for a high nose bridge whereas wayfarers are more comfortable for a middle or low nose bridge.

Cheekbones: The end portion of your glasses will be resting on your cheeks and you must ensure that the frame does not make the experience uncomfortable for you. If you have high cheekbones, go for wayfarers. Aviators are longer at the lower ends and hence go well with smaller cheekbones.

Your Fashion Sense And Personal Style: No matter how many guides you read or trends you follow, you will not be able to pick a style unless you are 100% confident about it. Fashion is all about how well you carry yourself and the elements of your look. Your style and taste must reflect in every bit of your outfit from the colour to the fit to the accessories. There must be no part of your look that is not in harmony with your style. The best tip to choose any type of accessory would be to add a personal touch every time.

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