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Trendy Oversized Glasses For Her

As stylish as they look, oversized glasses are so much more than just a fashion statement these days. These glasses have been in vogue for quite some time now and go well with almost all different face shapes and sizes. Other than just softening your features and highlighting your smile, oversized glasses are also great protection for your eyes and the sensitive region around them. Looking for the best oversized styles for your collection?

Here is our guide on the top oversized frames for sunglasses and everyday eyewear that you can choose from for your wardrobe.

Cat-eyes are one of the most loved styles for women’s sunglasses. These fit well into the category of classics and accentuate the best features of your face. Oversized cat-eye sunglasses can be a great option to choose if you are looking for a pair of oversized glasses for your wardrobe. One of the best pairs of oversized sunglasses that you can grab at Hamiltano Winstone is the White Catty Oversized. A white frame with green lenses and sleek metallic details, this is your partner for outdoor events.

As a fashionista, you can always look beyond the basics and go in for new designs. One of the best frame shapes that you can look at for your oversized sunglasses is the waves frame, your not-so-typical pair for the season. Make a statement with the Peach Gold Wave Oversized Polarized, our top pick for this style. The perfect subtle combination of peach and gold with purple lenses and gold details, this pair is sure to find its spot in your favourites. 100% polarized, this pair is comfort and style combined.

One of the trends that have everyone going crazy this season is the transparent frame for sunglasses and everyday eyewear. Transparent frames are highly versatile and go well with different outfits and looks. Our top pick for this style is the Trans Frame Purple Lens Oversized Women's from Hamiltano Winston. This pair has a transparent frame with dual shade purple lenses and sleek metallic details which makes it the best accessory for your casual as well as semi-formal fits.

If you have a minimal aesthetic and love neutral colours, you surely would love to own a pair of sunglasses that fits well within these parameters. The Peach Brown Oversized For Her is your pair as it brings you to a soft and subtle combination of these two nude shades with gold metallic detailing. These UV-protected glasses are your perfect companion for day outs.

Oversized frames also look great for everyday eyewear and your power glasses. If you are very keen on keeping up with the latest trends, you must surely go oversized for your next eyewear frame. A sleek black cat-eye frame, the Black Catty Optical Frame is our top pick for the same.

Check these styles out online at Hamiltano Winston, your one-stop destination for designer sunglasses at affordable prices. Choose from the widest range of eyewear and get them delivered to your doorsteps.

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