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Top Off-Beat Sunglasses For Women

When it comes to accessorising, women surely put in a great deal of effort in choosing the most suitable pieces, picking what goes with their style and making a statement with their look. Sunglasses are an essential part of any style and outfit. Often, you might end up choosing from the classics like aviators or wayfarers and go for the basic colours like black or brown. There is much more to sunglasses and their styles beyond the basics. Talking about women’s sunglasses styles, you can always choose quirkier styles and go in for off-beat frames and lenses to match your personal style and add more even to your simple fits.

In this article, we will be sharing with you our selection of the best off-beat sunglasses that you can pair with different styles and different looks. You can choose from a wide range of off-beat sunglasses from Hamiltano Winston and get them delivered to your doorsteps. Here is our list of top picks for quirky women's sunglasses.

Round Frames

Round frames have gained a lot of popularity lately and not to mention, if paired the right way, they add a lot to your overall look. Round glasses are equally classy and trending. You can choose a pair with a metallic rim and dual shade lenses which are lately in vogue to keep up with the trends. Our top pick is the Hamiltano Winston bluemarne double shade black. The right pair for your minimal outfits, these sunglasses have a metallic frame with silver detailing. The dark lens shades are perfect for sun protection and the overall design offers a comfortable fit.

Edgy Cat-Eyes

Cat-eye frames but make it edgier? Exactly what we are talking about with the next style that you should totally try out. Cat eye frames are highly common for women’s sunglasses. There are different types of cat-eyes glasses that you can choose from and in our opinion, this is the most versatile frame style that you can pair with literally any outfit for any occasion. Cateyes have the power to make any look sharper and bolder. Add more to your cat eyes with a printed frame. The Cateye leopard print and brown lens is our favourite choice for cat-eye frames for women. A broad leopard-print frame with detailing on the side, this frame is your go-to for western fits.

Geometric Frames

This is a fairly new style in the market but is currently a favourite among fashionistas. These frames are what the definition of quirky would be. Nowhere even close to the basics, geometric frames are great for multiple face shapes like circular, oval and heart. If you have a rounder face, geometric frames should be your go-to option to soften your features. What to pair your geometric frame sunglasses with? Pair them with your short dresses, mini skirts and even your semi-formal fits. Our top pick for women’s geometric frames is the Orange Multy. This is the perfect summer pair with dark lenses. Not only the best in style and comfort, but this pair is also great for sun protection.

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