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Style Guide: Trending Sunglasses For Her

Sunglasses are a total game-changer when it comes to enhancing your outfits and looks. No

matter what your style is, pairing it with the right eyewear is the best way to up your game.

Be it trending eyewear or a classic pair that you choose, sunglasses make a difference to

your overall fit. Here are our top 5 picks for designer sunglasses that should be a part of your

collection. You can find all of these trendy and classy styles on Hamiltano Winston and buy

sunglasses for women online.

1. Square Pair

A pair of square frame sunglasses should be in your cart if it is not already in your wardrobe.

Why? Well, why not? Oversized glasses are super-trendy and suit different face structures

and shapes. Square frames with broad rims and stems are in style and you can find these

glasses in bold and classy colours. Perfect for accentuating your facial features and sun

protection, square frames should be your pick for the season. These glasses are not only for

your western fits but also go well with your desi looks.

Best Square Frames

2. Quirky Flirty

Geometric glasses are not only in trend but also up your style game. Be it a minimal outfit or

a fancy fit for your day out, there is nothing that could go wrong with a pair of quirky glasses.

These sunglasses can be oversized or sleek and you can choose from a wide range of

colours, frame shapes and styles. Solid bright colours and matching tints are the common

features of these sunglasses.

Best Quirky Frames

3. Classy Cateyes

There are so many styles that come and go but cat-eyes have forever been a favourite

among the fashionistas. Cat-eyes like geometric frames can have a broad or sleek frame

and rim. These sunglasses are available in solid colours as well as prints. A good option

would be the animal print frames for cat-eyes to bring out the tigress in you and flaunt it in

your style. Oversized cat-eye sunglasses are also in style and go well with suits and sarees


Best Cateyes Frame

4. Wayfarers For The Wanderers

Add more depth and weight to your looks with wayfarers. Wayfarers are not only stylish but

also best-suited for more rough and tough looks for your travelling adventures too. This type

of sunglasses have always been in fashion and are trending again due to their oversized

frames and broad rims. Wayfarers offer a sharp and edgy look. These oversized frames are

good for almost all face shapes and sizes and enhance your best facial features.

Best Wayfarers For Women

5. Rollin’ With the Round Frames

Round frames are in trend once again and you must be sure to have these in your collection.

Round frame sunglasses are statement eyewear that can be paired with your looks and

styles for a chic and ornate look. Round frames with sleek rims and golden details are the

combination that you must be on the lookout for.

Best Round Frame Sunglasses

Hamiltano Winston Bluemarne brown

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