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On-Point Colour Combinations For Men's Sunglasses

Sunglasses, as we know, are not only for sun protection but also accessorising. As an accessory, a pair of sunglasses can be highly versatile. There are so many options to explore and a lot of variations that you can add to your pair in order to reflect your style. Sunglasses can be quite simple and basic or have a lot of detail and each element can be customised as per your taste. In a pair of sunglasses, you can choose the type and style of your sunglasses frame, the material of the same, the colour of the frame, the type of lens and lens colour, whether you want an oversized or a sleek frame, the type of rims and even the detailing you want. This makes a pair of sunglasses a statement accessory that creates a good first impression and also is true to your style. Colour, as we have listed, plays an important role in your sunglasses. This could be the colour of the frame, the rim or the lenses. Dual-shade lenses, pairing two complementing colours or going for a monochrome look with multiple shades are also very much in vogue these days. In this article, we will be looking at the best colour combinations for men’s sunglasses that you must consider when buying your next pair.

Golden and Black

The classic combination that you should totally not miss out on is black and gold. Our best pick for this combination is a pair of aviators, the Hamiltano Winston Gold Black Aviator. Pair these with your formals to present a solid outlook. The gold details add a touch of royalty. For the bold and classy, this pair is a must-have for men who dress to impress.

White and Brown

White is a fairly offbeat colour when it comes to sunglasses while brown is a favourite among most people. Pairing the two is a killer combination for those who wish to make a mark with their look. The White Wayfarer from Hamiltano Winston is our top pick for this colour combination.

Peach and Brown

Light and dark, as we pair most colours, peach and brown go well with each other. Belonging to similar colour families, both of these are common colours for eyewear. Brown is one of the most common colours for a pair of sunglasses that is not as basic as black. Adding a peachy punch just makes this pair even better. If looking for a peach and brown pair, the Peach Brown Unisex Wayfarer should be the option you go for.

Green and Golden

One of our favourite combinations that is surely one of the classics is green and golden. If you are all in for the retro vibes and want to flaunt your bold style, a pair of sunglasses with green and golden is the one for you. Our top pick for this colour combination is Gold Frame Shaded Green Retro from Hamiltano Winston. The golden sleek rims and the shaded green lenses are the perfect combinations for your casual fits and looks.

You can find all these styles and colour combinations and more at Hamiltano Winston. Shop for the latest styles and trending designs online and get your next pair delivered home.

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