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Colour Guide For Men's Sunglasses

Experimenting with accessories, colours, designs and styles is often directly linked to women’s fashion and there is a lot of dialogue around how trends and classics work to make or break different looks and fits. Talking about men’s fashion and accessorising, we more than often overlook the role of a good piece of eyewear. Sunglasses, reading glasses and everyday glasses if paired right have the power to not only add more to your look but also accentuate your features.

Men’s eyewear is actually not very simple to understand and there are many layers to what the perfect eyewear for you is. You might look at the frame style, frame type and material, lens material, lens quality and a lot more which is very important from the perspective of a buyer but as a fashionista, there is another factor you must consider before you make a choice- the colour of your eyewear. That is right, the perfect sunglasses or eyeglasses for you are the ones with the right coloured frame, lenses and other details. This also plays a role in bringing more harmony and balance to your overall look and fit. In this article, we will be talking about the colours that men should be looking at this season for their eyewear choices and the variations you can look at to reflect your personal style and taste.

Basic Black

Sunglasses are supposed to block excess sunlight and prevent it from disturbing your vision. Black is often considered the perfect colour for the same as it is dark enough to block light. Black can be basic or you can choose to go beyond just black and add some detail with a complementing colour or even metallic details. The latest, though would be to add texture. Our top pick for trending black glasses is the Matte Black Wood Style Wayfarer which is not so basic but black and perfect for your formal looks.


The second most common colour for sunglasses is brown. Brown, in our opinion, is the best colour for sunglasses in India. Brown is a neutral colour and has various shades that go well with the Indian skin tone and suit all face structures and shapes. Brown can be paired with fancy as well as very simple outfits and you can be sure of never going wrong with them browns. When going for brown, you can either choose a frame that is brown with different colour lenses or you can go in for a combination of brown with beige or peach or even white. Our top brown picks for your collection are the Brown Dual Shade Unisex Wayfarer and Beige Wayfarers from Hamiltano Winston.

Brown Dual Shade Wayfarer

Biege Wayfarer


Grey is a slightly off-beat colour when it comes to men’s sunglasses but has been a common colour in recent years. Another neutral colour, grey is more on the darker side of the palette and adds an edgy look to your outfits. Smoke grey is a wonderful variation to go for and our best pick for the same is Smoke Grey Polarized Men’s Wayfarer.

You can find a huge collection of designer sunglasses and eyewear frames in your budget at Hamiltano Winston. Surf and shop online and choose from the widest range of men’s eyewear at prices like never before.

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