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Choosing Sunglasses For Men Based On Face Shape

Shopping for men’s sunglasses is not a very difficult task. There are certain styles that work with most outfits for most occasions and there are trending styles that you can make a statement with when paired with your looks. There are a lot of things that you have to choose from in your perfect pair of sunglasses. This will include the frame type and frame styles, frame and lens colours, type of lenses and so on. The most important of these is the frame type. This will determine the overall look and feel of the sunglasses. One of the best ways to choose the right sunglasses with the perfect frame is to find a style that goes well with your face structure and shape.

Here is our guide on how you can determine your face shape and choose the perfect pair of sunglasses. You can go online for your sunglasses hunt and shop for the best at Hamiltano Winston.

Face Shape Guide For Men

Along with your face shape, some of your features will be very prominent and might or might not need a lot of attention. Sunglasses can help highlight or soften your facial features. Depending on these factors, there are sunglasses made to suit your face type and your style. Here is a list of how to identify different face types and the best pair of glasses for the same.

1. Square Face

If the length and width of your face are near about the same size, then you have a square face. You have a squared jawline while the width of your forehead and jawline are almost the same. To complement your sharp features, you need glasses with softer edges. The right pair for you are a solid pair of aviators.

2. Triangle Face

You have a triangular face if the width of your face is less than the length. Along with this, you will have a squared chin and jawline. The best pair of glasses to complement this face shape is a good pair of gladiators. These glasses will be the most suitable option for your edgy features.

3. Circular Face

Very similar to a square shape face, if you have a circular face, the only difference will be a round jawline. Rectangular glasses are the best possible frame to add some edge to your soft curved features.

4. Oval Face

Very similar to the circular face type, oval faces are longer and less wide. Your jawline is rounded and the width of the jawline is shorter compared to the forehead. Your go-to frame style for an oval shape face must be wayfarers.

5. Heart Shape Face

If your face is heart-shaped then your forehead is wider than your jawline and you have a pointed chin. If you are looking for the best pair of sunglasses for heart-shaped faces, then you must choose round glasses.

6. Diamond Shape Face

Diamond-shaped faces are similar to heart-shaped faces. The only difference here is a tapered hairline. The most suitable sunglasses for diamond-shaped faces are aviators.

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