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Beyond Basics- Off-Beat Sunglasses Colours For Men

Men’s fashion can be explored beyond trousers and shirts and can be categorised into more than just formal and casual. Contrary to common belief, accessorising is an essential part of men’s fashion and plays a major role in making or breaking a look. Men’s accessories include watches, jewellery like rings, bracelets and chains, shoes and eyewear. Eyewear includes sunglasses and your everyday glasses. When accessorising, playing around with colour is of utmost importance. You can follow some basic rules and go with classic designs and neutral colours or you can choose to go a little extra, break the rules and make a fashion statement.

In this article on Men’s sunglasses, we will be talking about the basics of choosing sunglass colours and some off-beat colours that are trending for men’s glasses. Add these latest sunglasses to your collection and make any look more attractive. Shop for the best designer sunglasses and eyewear frames online from Hamiltano Winston, your one-stop destination for high-quality eyewear.

What are the basics of sunglasses colours? What should be the colour of your frame and the lenses that go with it? Should you stay with the blacks and browns or should you explore some other popping colours to go with your fits? The answer is simple. Choose what makes you feel the most confident and reflects your personal taste. Some tips to keep in mind would be:

  • Choose a frame colour that goes well with your skin tone. If you are light-skinned, go for a darker frame and vice versa.

  • The lens colour and frame colour should complement each other.

  • Keep in consider your hair colour.

  • Make sure the colours and style of your eyewear do not clash.

Some basic colours that you can choose for your eyewear frames and lenses are black, grey, brown and even blue. These are colours that go well with most fits. There are some other colours that you can pick from for your sunglasses. Call them trendy or classy, these colours are sure to be a hit this season.


Girl’s colour? Not really. Pink is the hottest colour this season and you must be sure to pick the same for your collection. Pink is a great partner for semi-formal wear and accentuates your features. You can be sure to not go wrong with this soft colour in your wardrobe. There can be a lot of variations in pink but a major tip for men would be to go for the lighter shades. Our top pick here is the Polarized Pink Wayfarer from Hamiltano Winston.


Another offbeat colour that is in vogue is yellow. This is totally the colour that will get your look popping. Yellow is a very bright colour for eyewear and if you are sure you can carry it with poise, there is nothing stopping you from making a statement with your looks and creating a strong impression. The Yellow Gladiator 100% Polarized is the option for you if you wish to sport yellow eyewear.


As retro as a look can get, green is surely the colour to bring in some retro vibes with your outfit and styling. It is one of our favourite colours for men’s glasses and totally should make a place in your collection too. You can choose a dual-shade green lens or go for a single shade. The Men’s Double Shaded Green W Wayfarer is our best pick for this colour.

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