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Best Sunglasses: What's Trending For Men?

Anyone who says that men’s fashion is limited and there is not much one can do, even with accessorising, has not really experimented with sunglasses. A pair of sunglasses can make or break your entire look. A good pair will not only be suitable for sun protection but also reflect your style. When choosing sunglasses, you can opt for the classic styles that have been in fashion since forever or go for the trendy styles that are currently in vogue. You can follow your favourite celebrities for some style inspiration or check out some tips for choosing the best glasses for you.

Here we have curated a list of the trending sunglasses styles for men. You can find all these options and much more for men at Hamiltano Winston and buy the best quality sunglasses for men online.

Gold isn’t just for women. Men's accessories with gold details are in vogue and balance out a minimal look very well. When talking about frame shapes and styles, aviators are a favourite for both men and women. The top trending pair of sunglasses for men is these Gold Black Aviators from Hamiltano Winston. Black is a great colour for building a solid look and adding to it subtle gold details is all you need to pair up with your suits.

Be it a work meeting outdoors, a formal party or a casual event with friends, going retro is a great idea to add more depth to your style and bring out your inner fashionista. Retro frames and lenses are trending these days and you can be sure of getting all eyes on you with this pair of eyeglasses. Our top pick for trending men’s sunglasses, the retro rectangular frame sunglasses is the best option for you. These glasses have a sleek golden rim with double-shaded brown lenses. The neutral colours are the best match for most outfit colours.

Looking for the best sunglasses for semi-casual looks? The basic aviators are the option for you. Semi-casual fits go well for your Sunday brunch parties, dates and any other day events where you are not going too formal. A good pair of aviators suit this style the best as it is not too sharp and heavy according to the look. You can pair aviators with jeans and also trousers. Our top pick here is the Golden Blue Dual Shade Aviators from Hamiltano Winston. The sleek golden rims and blue lenses are the perfect colour combination for the day.

When you can neither choose from trending styles nor choose something as per your taste, go in for the classics. The classic styles never fail to amaze and you can always be sure of being dressed right with these. Wayfarers are our favourite sunglasses style for men. This style is the perfect way to accessorise your formals and casuals. The solid lines and soft curves of these glasses bring out a balanced look and accentuate the best features of your face. The best part is that these frames suit almost all face shapes.

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